What is OneFibre?

OneFibre delivers a dedicated Fibre line to your building, running super high speed internet and providing all the benefits of a premium connection at NO COST to the Landlord

Super Fast Internet

OneFibre delivers unparalleled internet speeds of up to 10Gb.

Unlimited Bandwidth

OneFibre provides a service without bandwidth restrictions, meaning you can do everything you need to, without the threat of additional charges.

Tenant Savings

OneFibre offers a super fast Fibre line for as much as a 50% discount on the price of other competing providers.

Ideal for Landlords

OneFibre provides enterprise grade connectivity that is ideal for landlords looking to provide high-quality internet services to tenants.

Secure and Private Network

OneFibre is compatible with all business firewalls and can work flexibly with your network setup.

24/7 Support

OneFibre provides 24/7 real-time network monitoring and expert business support.