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19-20 Noel Street

Soho, London

A refurbished 8 floor multi-tenant office block in the heart of Soho required one last finishing touch to provide a complete tenant offering; Instant connectivity.

Real Estate IM engaged with OneFibre before commencing the building refurbishment works on 1920 Noel Street, to provide a solution that would give incoming tenants the ability to connect to high speed internet from day one, without the need for multiple Wayleave agreements.

When OneFibre carried out the initial Survey on Noel Street, it was determined that there was no existing fibre in the building, this meant the team had to build a new route from the street into the allocated comms location within the building. Despite this, the turnaround time for the full dedicated Fibre installation was just 30 days.

OneFibre pre-terminated internet access ports on each floor to create a true plug and play scenario, the result meant tenants could sign the lease and commence operations the very next day.

As Noel Street had the potential to house up to 8 individual businesses within the building, OneFibre installed a 10Gb circuit to ensure the highest of bandwidth demands would be met.

OneFibre also provided the Landlord’s CCTV system with an internet connection for remote monitoring and management by the security company. Any additional future smart technology Real Estate IM decide to adopt will also have the Internet capacity it requires without the need for additional lines to be installed.

Landlord Testimonial

OneFibre took a pragmatic approach from proposal to implementation of the solution. A flexible ISP that can cater for all incoming tenants. The uptake by tenants and their feedback so far has proved that we made the right decision engaging with OneFibre. We look forward to rolling it out in future buildings.

Mickey Fiori, Real Estate Investment Management Ltd


Tenant Testimonial

Ensuring we had immediate, high speed connectivity was key for us as a tech company, our business just would not be able to operate without it. I was therefore delighted to discover that OneFibre was in the building and able to provide 100Mb within 24 hours. So far they have provided impeccable service.

Chloe Merrick, Crane Ventures LLP

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Noel Street
19-20 Noel Street, Soho, London W1F 8GF
Real Estate IM
8,000 Sq Ft.
8 Floors
3 Tenants served

OneFibre Connectivity

10 GB
50MB - 10GB
Deployment 30 Days
Connection time 24 Hours
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