“Following various conversations and meetings, we finally decided to instruct One Fibre as the Connectivity provider within the building and it is a decision we will not regret. Fibre was brought into the building, reception Wi-Fi was installed, and all vacant floors have pre-terminated access to the live Fibre service ready to use within 24 hours of signing a lease. This was all completed at no cost to LBS Properties.
Ashlee Wells

It’s an impressive model that works extremely well with our property portfolio and we have instructed them on 2 additional buildings currently in development following the success of The Verse Building. Remarkable service.”

The Verse Building


One Fibre were recommended to LBS properties in order to improve the connectivity status of a fully redeveloped building. With the project completion nearing an end and the building soon to be brought to market, we decided to meet with the One Fibre team to get a better understanding of their offering. Whilst IT is not my forte the solution was explained in such a way where I was able to understand what was being provided and it sounded extremely valuable. This building in particular had no Fibre presence what so ever which meant the street had to be dug, council approval was required as well as traffic management.