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With OneFibre you can experience:


As a dedicated connection OneFibre speeds are symmetric, so upload speeds and download speeds remain exactly the same.

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How else you benefit

Round the clock monitoring
OneFibre dedicated lines benefit from superior Service Level Agreements (SLA) and expedited fix times when compared to standard broadband connections.
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24/7 Support & SLA
We guarantee 99% uptime and a 6-hour fault fix turnaround, giving you and your tenants complete confidence. And because we believe in the personal touch, we offer expert business support should you have any questions
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Future Proofing
We use the latest technology to stay ahead of the game, which means your tenants will be too.
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Enhanced communication and productivity
A dedicated fibre connection enhances the way businesses communicate and collaborate, opening up new opportunities.
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OneFibre lines are true fibre-optic cable, which doesn’t suffer from the electrical interference associated with copper lines. Our service also comes with higher-grade hardware, making a huge difference to reliability.
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Secure, private network
OneFibre is compatible with all business firewalls and can work flexibly with your network setup. Security is built in as standard, with the added option of a managed firewall service and wireless network.
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No obligation
If a tenant has an existing provider they’d prefer to use, that’s fine. There’s absolutely no pressure for them to move to us (although once they discover the time and cost savings they could make, they probably will).
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With connection speeds from 50mb to 10Gb and flexible contracts from 12 months to 5 years, your tenants have the power to choose what works best for them.
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