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Mallard Court

Market Square, Staines

Mallard Court is a newly refurbished building located West of London in Staines, after a successful deployment of OneFibre in a building managed by the same Landlord, OneFibre was chosen again to provide connectivity into this building that was having a complete overhaul.

After an initial consultation, it was identified that tenants had previously experienced long lead times for deployment of fibre throughout the building amongst the requirement to provide connectivity to the Landlord for the CCTV and door access control and the added data connection for the smart technology adopted in this building.

With this building fully utilising the latest technology available on the market it was imperative that a reliable connection was in place to ensure the systems deployed are accessible 24/7. The systems in place ensure the highest standard of security is adopted for door access and provide management of the cooling and lighting systems, so without a reliable connection it could have a huge impact on the services within the building.

The deployment of OneFibre was completed within 3 weeks ensuring the live date was delivered prior to installation of the security and access control enabling a successful deployment without any delay to the Landlords refurbishment schedule.

During the refurbishment works, OneFibre began by pre-terminating an internet access port on each floor to create a true plug and play scenario, the result meant tenants could sign the lease and commence operations the very next day.

Mallard Court was also provided with reception WiFi ensuring visitors to the building have the ability to access the internet, this is a feature available to Landlords who adopt our service in their building. Our WiFi service is available on a white label basis which is designed for Landlords who want to promote their marketing material around their portfolio.

Landlord testimonial

We chose OneFibre in Mallard Court due to the success we had with OneFibre at another building, the requirements on this building were very bespoke and we needed to ensure that the service was able to supply our smart building technology along with the security and door access control systems. Tenants are now able to start a lease with an internet connection available the next day!

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Mallard Court
Market Square, Staines, TW18 4RF
McKay Securities
5,300 Sq Ft.
4 Floors

OneFibre Connectivity

10 GB
50MB - 10GB
Deployment 20 Days
Connection time 24 Hours
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