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Old Street, London

OneFibre was approached by Derwent to scope out and propose internet services for the renowned Morelands building on Old Street. Block C & D were in the process of being redeveloped with the aim to house multiple tenants through commercial office and retail space. One of the key factors for Derwent was being able to bring the office to market as being fully fibre connected, ensuring tenants had access to true fibre optic internet from the commencement of their lease.

Amongst OneFibre were various other providers that proposed offerings to the Landlord, however unlike OneFibre, large CapEx costs were being presented.

The initial site survey revealed a number of complexities that required OneFibre to build a bespoke fibre route to a suitable “comms area” in the basement. Once the fibre route had been built and equipment housed in the data cabinet, OneFibre pre-terminated each of the demises in the building with an internet access port. This allowed for any incoming tenant to have internet access within 24 hours of placing an order. No Wayleaves were required as these were all agreed during the build phase.

One tenant had a bespoke requirement due to the nature of their business which required dual 300Mb circuits to enable them to output huge data volumes to a datacentre 24/7 whilst ensuring staff had a separate circuit to operate day-to-day business activities. The reasoning behind having dual circuits was to ensure a constant flow of data to their datacentre and dedicated a whole connection to maximise the volume of data synchronised each day. It also served as a resilient option if there ever was a failure onsite. OneFibre provided this as part of its service.

Morelands now has a high capacity fibre service available to all of its tenants. Due to the success of the project OneFibre is being rolled out on additional Derwent buildings in London.

Landlord Testimonial

In keeping with the trend towards smart building technologies and in order to smooth the friction of entry for new occupiers, we decided to bring our Morelands development to market with a dedicated fibre connection within each unit. After searching for a company to partner with, we were recommended OneFibre and they provided an exceptional service. Within less than 3 weeks from engaging, our building was connected with 1Gb dedicated fibre distributed to every tenant’s demise at no cost to us.

Rich Oliver, Derwent

Tenant Testimonial

When we decided to lease office space at Morelands, fibre connectivity was top of my list of concerns. Lead times for setting up a fibre connection can take several months. This would have left us with no fibre at beginning of our lease. As a business that relies heavily on a fast internet connection this would have been fairly catastrophic for our business. Fortunately for us it turned out that Morelands already had a pre-installed fibre connection with OneFibre which meant we were up and running with 300Mb dedicated fibre within 6 hours of moving into our office! Furthermore OneFibre costs are lower than other providers and the service we have received to date has been impeccable!

James Dow, BD Network

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5-23 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HL
40,000 Sq Ft.
8 Floors
5 Tenants served

OneFibre Connectivity

Dual Circuits, High Availability
50MB - 10GB
Deployment 25 Days
Connection time 24 Hours
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