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Valentine Place

South Bank, London

Launcelot, the owners of Valentine Place had recently completed a re-development project and were requiring internet connectivity for all floors to enable a quick turnaround for the tenants. During the refurbishment works, OneFibre completed a survey to identify a comms location, the route for all the cabling infrastructure to each floor and an inspection of the intake from the street.

The lead time for the installation of OneFibre was only 17 days from start to finish, this was due to the setup of the building which had clear routes throughout the building risers and cable trays throughout areas where it needed to be run across space.

Our standard pre-terminated internet access port was installed on each of the 8 floors which enabled tenants to instantly connect to our internet service from the moment they signed the lease. Raised floor meant regardless of where the tenants comms cabinet was positioned in the demise it was a straight forward install.
Due to the size of the floor space at Valentine Place, dual high-capacity circuits were installed to ensure high resilience and sufficient bandwidth was available for all incoming tenants. A gaming company and law firm were amongst the first to take up the service with a requirement of high availability to ensure operation of mission critical applications which were key for the business to function.

In addition to the tenants, the Landlord built a high-end video conferencing suite to enable meeting room space for tenants and external parties. To deliver the video conferencing features it needed a reliable internet service or else video calls would be poor quality. OneFibre provided the video conferencing suite a 100Mb of dedicated bandwidth which meant video calls would be crystal clear and guests would have WiFi whilst using the meeting room functions.


Landlord Testimonial

The OneFibre team delivered from the start. They filled us with confidence and their approach was very refreshing. Normally we’d be expected to pay thousands to have an internet service installed and ready for tenants to instantly connect to. We have now begun rolling out OneFibre on other buildings within our portfolio.

Andrew Benge, Launcelot


Tenant Testimonial

Internet connectivity is key for our mission critical applications to work as they are cloud based. Without internet connection we simply cannot operate as a business. The OneFibre internet connection has been rapid and highly reliable and we would happily advice other tenants in the building to take up the service.

Jeremy Turner, Ridge LLP

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3 Valentine Place
3 Valentine Place, South Bank, London, SE1 8QH
35,000 Sq Ft.
8 Floors
4 Tenants served

OneFibre Connectivity

10 GB
50MB - 10GB
Deployment 17 Days
Connection time 24 Hours
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