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Portsoken House

Minories, London

Portsoken House is a landmark office building: Designed in 1928 by renowned architect George Val Myer (the man behind Broadcasting House) – on completion it was the highest office building in the City.

Situated in the historic ward of Portsoken, the building now offers modern, newly refurbished office space alongside an occupier mix of traditional and technology firms. Perfectly placed, Portsoken House offers businesses a City base, close to the financial district but only a few minutes’ walk from Brick Lane.

The refurbished 8 Floor Multi-Tenant office block required one final benefit to make it a desirable office choice for many business types. OneFibre were approached by the Landlord as fit out works were soon to complete with a ‘Cat A+’ finish. The Landlord wanted to ensure incoming tenants had the ability to connect to high speed business grade internet when occupying space in the building without the need for multiple Wayleave agreements; this is where OneFibre came in and provided the solution.

When OneFibre carried out the initial Survey on Portsoken House, it was identified that there was one Internet Service Provider in the building serving an existing tenant. The Landlord was aware of the importance of having Fibre installed into the building to be able to serve the businesses of today with high speed dedicated Fibre. The fact that OneFibre not only install Fibre into the building but pre-terminate it into each office demise ready to be utilised within 24 hours of tenants signing a lease made this a very attractive offering which was incredibly difficult to decline.

As there was a potential tenant interested in occupying the 8th Floor of Portsoken House within 30 days of the Landlord approaching us, time was of the essence. Following detailed discussions on the offering, the Landlord decided to take up the OneFibre offering.

OneFibre installed Fibre into the building via the existing intake and configured the network, built a route from the basement comms location into a riser on each floor within the building, and pre-terminated Fibre onto each demise. Despite OneFibre being presented with a semi occupied building, the turnaround time for installation of the OneFibre service was still only 25 days.

During the works, OneFibre began by pre-terminating an internet access port on each floor to create a true plug and play scenario, the result meant tenants could sign the lease and commence operations the very next day.

As Portsoken House has the potential of having seven businesses housed in the building, a 1Gb circuit was installed to ensure high bandwidth demands would be met even if the remaining unoccupied spaces were to take the service and each required over 100Mb dedicated capacity.

Another bonus to having OneFibre in the building was the ability to provide Free Reception Wi-Fi which is something the Landlord has wanted to implement but unable to do so thus far.

Landlord Testimonial

OneFibre were faultless in their implementation of the solution. It has genuinely been a hassle free process as OneFibre are a flexible ISP who can cater for all incoming tenants. The current 100% uptake by new tenants has proven we have made the right decision engaging with OneFibre and have since rolled their offering out in a second building and looking forward to rolling it out in many more future buildings.

Stuart Key, McKay Securities PLC

Tenant Testimonial

When I discovered OneFibre were in the building and learnt we could have 100Mb internet within 24 hours I knew fibre connectivity was nothing to worry about. OneFibre had the capability to not only provide us with 100Mb Dedicated Fibre but also setup our entire network providing us with a great VoIP phone system. Their customer service as well as their Internet service has been flawless, and I have complete peace of mind when it comes to my Business Connectivity.

Fabio Kuhn, CEO, Vortexa

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Portsoken House
155-157 Minories, London, EC3N 1LJ
McKay Securities
40,000 Sq Ft.
8 Floors
2 Tenants served

OneFibre Connectivity

1 GB
50MB - 10GB
Deployment 25 Days
Connection time 24 Hours
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